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Answer: You are welcome
Answer: Thanks for your e-mail. If you only need recipes I suggest using other websites with no video. This is the way I do it and some say it is too short and they need more information’s and longer videos.
Answer: Hello Thanh's for your email. love you can find the recipe for (Pache) in the site on the soup category. I have not made (kaleh) as it is not my favorite. Sorry dear.
Answer: Hi dear thanks for your comment. am glad you like it. Like us on our face book page, or shear your favourite recipe and help us to improve the site https://www.facebook.com/pages/Farzifood/253616111316446?fref=ts
Answer: Dear you can find this one on the basic section of the site.Go to the site Go to recipes, then to basics and find the recipe for sweet cream. Make the khameh without the sugar using that video. Using vanilla is up to you. Regards farzi
Answer: Thank you for your e-mail. I would add this recipe in near future. And I will inform u when it’s on the site. Regards farzi
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